Neutral Grounding Resistors

Manufacturer & Exporter of Neutral Grounding Resistors. Our product range also comprises of Load Banks, Starting Resistors and Braking Resistors.

Features :
Neutral grounding resistors are used in star connected systems to protect the transformer / alternator from severe damage caused in event of an earth fault. We manufacture neutral grounding resistors for all current ratings upto 3000A and for a voltage range from 230V to 36Kv. The resistors can be designed in cast iron grid, rod formed grid, wire wound and punched grid form.

Advantages of using a neutral grounding resistor :

  • Reduced operation and maintenance expenses.
  • Fast isolation of the original fault.
  • Reduced transient over voltages.
  • Reduced physical damage on the equipment at fault.
  • Simplification of ground fault location.
  • Increased life and protection of transformers, generators and Related equipment.
  • Reduced frequency of faults.
  • Improved service reliability.
  • Increased protection in the use of lightning arresters.
  • Increased safety for personnel.

What Is A Neutral Grounding Resistor :
The Neutral-Grounding Resistor is the connection between the system neutral and ground. It provides a path for ground-fault current to return to the transformer neutral. Neutral Grounding Resistors are used for resistance grounding of industrial power system. They are generally connected between ground and neutral of transformers, generators and grounding transformers. Neutral Grounding resistors are used in order to limit maximum fault current to a value which will not damage the equipment in the power system, yet allow sufficient flow of fault currents with high resistance Neutral Grounding Resistors, earth short circuit current can be extremely reduced. As a result of this fact, protection device may not sense the fault. Therefore, it is the most common application to limit single phase fault currents with low resistance Neutral Grounding Resistors to approximately rated current to transformer and / or generator.

Why We Use NGR :
To reduce burning and melting effects in faulted electrical equipment, such as switchgear, transformers, cables, and rotating machines. To reduce mechanical stresses in circuits and apparatus carrying fault currents. To reduce electrical-shock hazards to personnel caused by stray ground fault currents in the ground return path, To reduce the arc blast or flash hazard to personnel who may have accidentally caused or who happen to be in proximity to the ground fault. To reduce the momentary line-voltage dip occasioned by the occurrence and clearing of a ground fault. To secure control of the transient over-voltages while at the same time avoiding the shutdown of a facility circuit on the occurrence of the first groundfault (high-resistance grounding)."


Basic Construction :


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