Dynamic Braking Resistors

Manufacturer & Exporter of Dynamic Braking Resistors. Our product range also comprises of Load Banks, Starting Resistors.

What Is Dynamic Braking Resistor :
When an induction motor's rotor is turning slower than the synchronous speed set by the drive's output power, the motor is transforming electrical energy obtained from the drive into mechanical energy available at the drive shaft of the motor. This process is referred to as motoring. When the rotor is turning faster than the synchronous speed set by the drive's output power, the motor is transforming mechanical energy available at the drive shaft of the motor into electrical energy that can be transferred back to the drive. This process is referred to as regeneration. Most AC PWM drives convert AC power from the fixed frequency utility grid into DC power by means of a diode rectifier bridge or controlled SCR bridge before it is inverted into variable frequency AC power. Diode and SCR bridges are cost effective, but can only handle power in the motoring direction. Therefore, if the motor is regenerating, the bridge cannot conduct the necessary negative DC current, the DC bus voltage will increase and cause an overvoltage fault at the drive. More complex bridge configurations use SCRs or transistors that can transform DC regenerative electrical power into fixed frequency utility electrical energy. This process is known as line regeneration. A more cost effective solution can be provided by allowing the drive to feed the regenerated electrical power to a resistor which transforms it into thermal energy. This process is referred to as dynamic braking.

Advantages of using Dynamic Braking Resistors :

  • Faster braking of DC and AC motors.
  • Lower wear and tear of friction braking components.
  • Keep motor voltages within safe levels.
  • Eliminate risk of a runaway due to overheated friction brakes in some motors.
  • Reduce wasted time during braking.
  • Increase life of the equipment.
  • Improved service reliability.

Features :

  • With the help of our experienced engineers, we are able to design and develop arrange of Braking Resistors.
  • These resistors are wear & tear resistant and thereby enables breaking a load driven through a D.C. Further to facilitate Dynamic braking the motor armature is closed on a exquisitely designed Dynamic Braking Resistors ( DBR ), whereas the motor field remains energized.
  • The kinetic energy stored in motor and load gets dissipated in the DBR, within a few seconds the system comes to a halt. These resistors are used for various applications like crane hoist traveler, battery chargers and Variable Frequency Drives ( VFD ) & AC drives Panel.
  • The Capacitor Bank discharge are available in customization with the details provided by our clients.


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