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NGTR Panels

Manufacturer & Exporter of Electrical Heaters. Our product range also comprises of Load Banks, Starting Resistors and Braking Resistors.

Neutral Grounding Transformer Resistor Panels

Neutral Grounding Transformer Resistor Panels

Neutral Grounding Transformer

Features :

  • NGTR Panel/ Cubicle encloses Neutral Grounding Transformer (NGT) and Neutral Grounding Resistor (NGR) for grounding/ earthing of Neutral current during unbalanced three phase load of the generator. This is essentially required for protection of the generator.
  • Neutral Grounding Transformer (NGT) steps down the voltage of neutral bus from 6.6 KV/ 11 KV/ 15.75 KV level to 110 Volt or 220 Volt level. This stepped down voltage is connected to a netral grounding resistance and a ground earth terminal fro bringing the voltage level of neutral bus as close as possible to zero voltage level
Manufactured using high quality raw materials, we offer these Neutral Grounding Transformer Resistor Panels. Being processed through a number of quality checks, these products supplied by us are known for their sturdiness and durability. We are one of the leading manufacturers of these products, and we believe quality to be our priority. This product is known for the protection it provides to the generators from an unbalanced, three phase load. These products are made available in the market at very competitive prices, increasing their demand.

Specifications :

  • Rated Voltage : For neutral grounding or earthing resistor rated voltage means line- to neutral voltage i.e. System Voltage divided by root 3 i.e. 1.732
  • Rated Current : Means Initial current that will flow through resistor when it is cold. Normally Full load current value is same as Rated current
  • Time Rating : It is length of time for which NGR must tolerate rated voltage
  • Short Time Rating : Normally it is 10 sec. or 30 sec. or 60 sec. depending on design parameters of protection system
  • Continuous Rating : It is normally 10 % of full load current for healthy system neutral grounding resistor to be designed for continuous rating of 5 % to 10 % of full load current
  • Temperature Rise Allowed: Normally Temperature rise is restricted to 375 deg.c. above ambient temperature as per BS-587
  • Cabling or termination : Suitable arrangement and clearance is provided for termination of cable, flats or bus duct as per requirement with removable gland plate
  • Construction: NGR include resistor assembly, plus required insulators, internal connections and hardware etc
  • Material of Resistance Element: We offer resistor elements made from any stainless steel or Cu-Ni or Ni-Cr or any other resistance material as per requirement. Normally formed stainless steel element are best and economical for NGRS


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