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LAVT Panels for Hydro Power Industries

Manufacturer & Exporter of LAVT Panels for Hydro Power Industries. Our product range also comprises of Load Banks, Starting Resistors and Braking Resistors.
LAVT Panels for Hydro Power Industries Panels
LAVT Panels for Hydro Power Industries Panels

We are offering a wide range of LAVT Panels for Hydro Power Industries. With its shock proof body and strong built, theseLAVT Panels manufactured and supplied by us are known for the long operational life.

Advantages of using :

  • Installation of NGR in the system reduces mechanical stresses in circuits and equipment subjected to fault currents. This also reduces the electrical-shock hazards to personnel caused by stray ground fault currents in the ground return path
  • Reduction in the momentary line-voltage dip occasioned by the occurrence and clearing of a ground fault
  • To secure control of transient over-voltages while at the same time avoiding the shutdown of a facility circuit on the occurrence of the first ground fault
  • Installation of NGR protects critical and expensive equipment such as Transformers and Generators from damage due to earth faults

Specifications :

  • Power Rate: 11 KV Upto 24 KV system
  • Materiel - Surge Capacitor, Surge Arrester Voltage Stroke Potential transfer
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